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Charles K. Harris

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A Little Brook, a Little Girl, a Little LoveA Man, a Maid, a Moon, a BoatAfter the Ball (Po Ball)All I Want Is a Cottage, Some Roses, and YouAlways MeBaby HandsBreak the News to Mother (Złamać wiadomości do Matki)Climb a Tree with MeCome Back (Wracać)Don't Blame Me for Lovin' YouDon't Give Me Diamonds, All I Want Is YouDon't You Wish You Were Back Home Again?Fairy MoonThere'll Come a Time (Nadejdzie czas,)While the Dance Goes OnYesterday (Wczoraj)

Aranżacje dla: Fortepian

After the Ball (Po Ball)Always in the WayCast AsideThere'll Come a Time (Nadejdzie czas,)